Que Mngwa Llego

La Rumba De Kingsway

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Who is Mngwa? [ming-wah]

Mngwa is an 8-piece experimental Latin band based in Vancouver, but their spirit is rooted in the cumbia of South America. Far removed from a cohesive Latin music scene, Mngwa has created their own singular style, mixing psych rock, dub, hip hop, and surf influences into their afro-latin polyrhythmic pot. After 3 years of blasting unsuspecting Canadian audiences, Mngwa is pushing their northern strain of cumbia ever-further, reaching fans of Latin music worldwide.

With band members from across Europe, Canada and Mexico, Mngwa makes wild new music that jumps many boundaries without ever losing the groove. Following a breakthrough 2015 that included the release of their debut Vancumbia Ambush EP, Canadian festival appearances, and a Mexican tour, Mngwa is preparing to record their full-length debut and broadcast their sound into the distant cosmos.

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